Pattaya Cricket Club




Committee Members

Simon Philbrook 

Clive Rogerson

Deb Philbrook

Andy Emery (Social matches Secretary)

Ian Liddell (Social events Secretary)

Bernard Lamprecht

Ryan Driver (Rugby School Representative)

Trevor Moolman

Kevin Johnson


Pattaya Cricket Club’s (PCC) Mission Statement
The purpose of this Mission Statement is to inform the readers of the aims of the Pattaya Cricket Club (PCC).  Furthermore, it gives authority to and justifies the actions of the PCC Committee in formulating policies, taking actions, maintaining funds and conducting general cricket related duties in order to support PCC’s Mission Statement.
PCC’s Mission Statement is:
  1. To form a Cricket Club of like-minded cricket enthusiasts to promote and develop the game of cricket in the Chonburi area.
  2. Promote PCC in the local and wider area through the use of social media and the news media.
  3. Form partnerships with other local cricketing organisations and facility providers to improve cricketing standards by participation, competitions and training.
  4. Partake in cricket league and specific competitions at a high a level as possible.
  5. Create an Indoor Cricket League in conjunction with Rugby School Thailand and act as hosts for the creation of outdoor cricket competitions at Pattana Sports Resort.
  6. Operate the PCC as a non-profit making organisation. Club members would contribute towards operating costs and local sponsorship will be obtained to assist where appropriate.   
On behalf of Pattaya Cricket Club Committee
15 March 2021

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